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Data Privacy Notice For Applications Available On The Apple Store

Kappita Management Ltd trading as Club Control is committed to the security of our users’ data and provide multiple layers of protection for the personal and business process information you trust to Club Control. Security processes are in place to protect data relevant to the EU GDPR and UK Data Protection Bill.

Applications covered by the privacy notice include:

Club Order

Types of Data Collected

The application does not collect, store or transmit personal data to Kappita Management Ltd trading as Club Control or its servers.

Some personal data, such as names, may be collected by the user of the application, which could be stored within the user’s own EPoS system. The collection and storage of this information is determined by the user and is therefore covered by the user’s own data privacy notice.


The application does not collect, store or transmit user usage data. The application does not access contacts or photos or other APIs within the device. 

Contracting Entity

For all services you are contracting with a Club Control Authorised Partner and are subject to their contract terms.

Phishing and malicious emails

Club Control do not charge end users directly for services, and we would never send an email requesting that you provide us with banking, or payment information. We may occasionally contact you regarding service announcements, any information that we do send you will come from our registered domain

If you would like to query or report a suspicious looking email that appears to originate from Club Control, email [email protected]

Request for Information

Individuals have a right to request the information that Kappita Management Ltd holds about them.

Individuals will normally request information from the merchant, who will then ask the Authorised Partner. However, individuals can also pose information requests directly to Club Control.

A form will need to be completed to verify the identity of the person requesting the information. There will also be an admin fee payable to cover the costs involved. RFI requests should be sent in writing to:

Information Requests

Club Control

13a Frodsham Street